MK1(late)/2/3/4/5/6 Aluminum Brake Reservoir

$ 175.00

The reservoirs are now constructed using a billet top and billet base we designed along with the 4" aluminum hemispheres of the original version.  The newly designed base now replicates the barbs of the OE reservoirs for perfect fitment and an overall cleaner profile. And while we were in there we improved the baffle as well.

All reservoirs come with a black anodized hex cap and have an 1/8"FPT port to feed a hydraulic clutch. A 5/16" OD barb fitting and 1/8"MPT plug are both included.  Unit comes raw in finish as pictured. 

We now offer the adapter to connect a power bleeder here:

Reservoir fits: 

-All VW MK1(late)/2/3/4 master cylinders with the exception of MK3's with ABS

*Left Hand Drive Only vehicles only

 No special tools required to install.

If you don't see this item for a specific make or model please email us for a quote.

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