MK4 ABS Delete/AN Conversion Kit

$ 799.00

VW MK4 ABS to non-ABS conversion kit. This is also a full AN conversion as well. The kit includes:

-All necessary fittings to attach to factory brake leader lines. Vehicles with upgraded leader lines (braided brake lines) can retain them with this kit.

-(2) porportioning valves for each rear corner

-Black nylon covered SS brake lines from the master to each corner

*MK3 non-ABS master and booster are required with the basic delete kit.  The booster has been modified to fit MK4 brake pedal properly.  A brand new master and modified booster is included in the full delete kit which is available from the drop down menu.

*Aluminum brake reservoir pictured can be included when selected from the drop down

*Front brake lines are intended to be ran along the subframe and not in the factory location.

Built to order, current turn around time: 1-3 weeks

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