MK4 Air Conditioning Line Relocation Kit

$ 699.00

MK4 AC Line Relocation Kit allows you to do away with the messy stock AC hardlines and relocate them to under the frame rail out of sight.  We convert the factory AC fittings to AN which allows us to use black sheathed SS braided hose with black hose ends for a super clean look.  This kit replaces the upper AC lines and the fill ports attached to the block on the firewall. The lower AC line remains the same. The kit inlcudes (2) upper hoses, (1) AN dryer adapter, (1) AN compressor adapter, (2) AN converted fill port hardlines, and the necessary hardware to secure the lines to the underside of the frame rail.

 *The (2) AN converted fill port hardlines are used components and we recommend swapping both fill valves with your existing fill valves

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