MK4 Radiator with Built-in Filler neck

$ 549.00

CSF brand aluminum radiator with built in filler neck.  Attached is an overflow tank plumbed in with aluminum hardline and AN tube nuts/sleeves. This set can be used when deleting the factory coolant ball.


MK4: Fits all engines. Upper port connection is 1.25"O.D. barbed. Lower connection is OE quick disconnect. Filler is tucked under the radiator support, a hole has to be drilled in the support in order to fill system.  Upper factory coolant hose can be used once factory plastic quick connect has been removed. Some trimming may be required to the core support for the radiator to properly fit.

*Factory fan shroud and fans will work with all applications. 

Current turn around time: 2-3 weeks


100% custom radiators can be built upon request.

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