Billet Coolant Ball Top

$ 365.00

This is a billet aluminum version of the top half of an MK4/5/6 OE coolant ball. It has been machined from one solid piece of 6061 aluminum giving it a very clean appearance. The top has a large center port machined to accept an VW MK4-7 style coolant cap, a 1/4" NPT port, and also a 1/4"-28 vent port with a stainless vent tube (not pictured) included. The base of the top has a step machined into it to center it into a matching hemisphere or cylinder. 

  Since this billet top has provisions for the OE cap and upper port you can now build a coolant tank to fit your specific  application  , which does not need to be specifically the MK4/5/6 platform, that functions just as an OE plastic coolant ball.

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