Crankcase Vent

$ 75.00

Bent aluminum tube that attaches to the vent port on 12v and 24v VR6 motors. Vents to the atmosphere.  Attaches to valve cover using an AN fitting.  Fitting is black anodized, tube is raw in finish. All fittings included. 

Available for:

-MK4 24v VR6 - 2.8l and 3.2l - Press-in fitting included

-MK3 12v VR6 - Plastic Cover - *the valve cover port must be cut back 1" and then tapped to 3/8"NPT.  Tap not included.

-MK3 12v VR6 - Metal Cover - Press-in fitting included

*Does not fit MK4 12v VR6 valve cover.

*For 24v and metal 12v applications a press-in fitting is used after removing the factory pressed in fitting.  Can be removed and installed using a rubber mallet

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